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Dashboard, Door & Console

Scrub and clean dash, doors, center console


Carpet Steam Clean

Steam clean carpet to remove soil and kill bacteria; shampoo floor mats


Upholstery Steam Clean

steam clean seats to remove soil and kill bacteria


Leather Seat Treatment

clean and treat leather seats with leather cream conditioner


Interior Protection

Scotchguard carpet and upholstery


Interior Dressing

Treat dashboard, doors, and console


Hand Wax

Hand applied wax cream and polish with microfiber towel


Clay Bar

Pre-wax preparation with clay bar to remove paint surface contaminants


Paint Sealant

Seal paint with Perma Plate for a year long lasting shine


Bumper Renewal Treatment

Treat the sun-faded rubber for a long lasting shine


Wheel Polish

Hand polish with chrome or aluminum cleaner


Headlight Lens Restoration


Exterior Plastic and Rubber Treatment

Splashes Menu
Splashes Menu


Convenience Store and Gift Shop

  • Greeting Cards, Souvenirs, Postcards, Picture Frames, Collectible Figurines, Plush, Books, Automotive Accessories, and much more. 

24 Hour Gasoline


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